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Dancap will allocate between 15% to 25% of its overall portfolio to Real Estate investments through third party funds, co-investments, and direct investments

The Dancap Family Investment Office has a long track record of investing in real estate funds managed by third parties. Through our experience, we have developed a high degree of comfort with the long-term nature of these investments and look to our partners who’s managers can deliver superior risk adjusted net returns in all market cycles.

Our Real Estate funds focus on many strategies including: Multifamily value-add, Office space, Seniors housing, Developments, Mixed-use, and Hospitality. Generally speaking, we don’t invest in first or second time funds and wait until there is a verifiable track record with a history of exited investments.

Dancap seeks to invest with a management team that have worked together, who have demonstrated a consistent track record of success that is reflected in their ability to acquire, manage and exit investments as evidenced in prior fund portfolios. Dancap expects to pay market competitive management fees as well we expect complete transparent information such that we can conduct our comprehensive due diligence. Once invested, we also expect access to on-going information from the fund managers we are invested in through regular (minimum quarterly) reporting and calls with managers as required.

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Our Real Estate Minimum Return Targets Net of Fees, Deductions, and Non-Recoverable Foreign Taxes




Net Multiple

1st & 2nd

Quartile Manager Rankings

Our Real Estate Criteria

For an overview of our investment criteria, please select from one of the below:

Dancap’s investment parameters for Real Estate Fund investments is summarized below:

  • Geographically, Dancap is global, but tends to focus on real estate fund managers that invest in developed markets, particularity the United States, in high growth cities that do not have any rent control in place
  • Dancap invests in funds that have generated top quartile performance across multiple funds
  • Fund managers that will provide Dancap with co-investment opportunities
  • Dancap seeks to allocate up to US$5 million in an individual investment fund depending on Dancap’s relationship and previous experience with the fund manager
  • To see our current outlook on Real Estate, please click here.

Dancap’s investment criteria for Individual Real Estate Holdings or Developments is summarized below:

  • We look to partner with experienced real estate managers that have worked together and have demonstrated a consistent track record of success that is reflected in their ability to acquire, manage, and exit investments. We invest in both existing real estate assets and new developments. For existing real estate assets, we require a minimum net IRR of 15% over a 3 to 5 year hold period, assuming up to a 1% expansion in cap rates during the hold period. Our typical investment size can ranges from US$1M - $2M.
  • For new developments, our preference is to invest in for-sale Multifamily developments on properties that are shovel ready. Our development investments tend to be in tier 1 cities with high growth prospects and strong housing markets. Our development investments require a minimum net IRR of 20% over a 4 to 7 year hold period and a clear path to exit at completion. Our typical investment size can range from US$2M - $5M.

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Our global real estate portfolio is made up of over 50 investments in many segments including multifamily, office, retail, and hospitality among others.

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