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Public Equity

Dancap allocates between 15% to 25% of its overall portfolio to Public Equity investments through separately managed accounts.

Dancap’s Public Equities portfolio is comprised of several actively managed strategies across various sectors, market caps and countries. As a Canadian investor, we look for efficient tax structures and appropriate information to comply with Canadian tax reporting requirements or those of other jurisdictions as may be required.

We seek to invest in managers with successful track records that have outperformed their appropriate benchmark, year-after-year, net of fees, while minimizing portfolio volatility. Dancap expects to pay market competitive management fees and expects complete transparent information from managers such that we can conduct our comprehensive due diligence. Once invested, we also expect access to on-going information from the fund managers we are invested in through regular reporting and calls with managers.

Our typical investment size will range from US $3M – $5M per strategy.

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Our Public Equity Criteria

Our investment parameters for actively managed public equity strategies is summarized opposite:

  • Three-year plus track record with $300M or more AUM. If AUM are less than $300M, an exception could be made if the investment is available through a separately managed account with immediate liquidity
  • Dancap invests in funds that have generated top quartile performance across multiple time periods and market cycles
  • We prefer to invest in strategies though a managed account as it offers full transparency, daily liquidity, and no cash drag
  • Any passive strategies that mimic an index or benchmark have, at a minimum, an actively managed tax-efficient component build into the strategy

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