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Brentwood Associates Private Equity VI, L.P.

Brentwood Associates Fund VI’s objective is to seek control of its portfolio companies and generate value using the following strategies: organizational development through the addition of key senior management members; operational improvements drawing from the Firm’s prior experience; accelerated revenue growth from a methodical and data-driven application of the Firm’s expertise in geographic expansion, new

Brentwood Associates Private Equity V, L.P.

Brentwood Associates Private Equity V, L.P is formed to continue its strategy of investing in North American mid-market branded businesses with highly differentiated products and services that benefit from strong customer loyalty and have the potential to achieve exceptional long-term growth.

CTP Offshore-C Feeder Fund, Ltd.

The fund is established by Cerberus Capital Management for the purpose of making investments in European non-performing loans (NPL), distressed NPL portfolios, real estate, structured credit transactions and distressed securities.

IOU Financial Inc.

IOU Central’s advanced, automated application and approval system accurately assesses the applicants’ financial realities, with an emphasis on day-to-day cash flow trends. The company advances loans of up to $100,000 to qualified applicants within a few business days with affordable charges favorable to cash-flow management. IOU Central’s speed of processing and transparency make it a