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LNG Quebec Limited Partnership

The investment’s objective is to develop a liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and marine export terminal in order to deliver cost-competitive liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. The project’s first LNG cargo date is expected to occur in Q3 2023.

Cerberus SUPP SIV, L.P.

The investment objective is to achieve superior risk adjusted returns by partnering with Cerberus Capital Management to acquire ABC Group Inc., a leading supplier of plastic blow-molded parts and injection molded parts for the automotive industry. ABC is a global value-added engineering partner to its customers.

Associated Food Stores Co-Investment Fund

The Fund is engaged in the development and support of independently owned grocery stores in the New York metro area through providing distribution, marketing and promotional services and financing.

Dancap NDC Co-Invest, LLC

NDC is a national wholesaler and distributor of a variety of medical, surgical and dental supplies across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

CA Hire Co-Investment, L.P.

The Carlyle Group seeks to acquire the public company – Coates Hire Limited, the largest general equipment hire company in Australia, in partnership with National Hire Ltd in order to merge Coates with the second largest equipment rental company in Australia and participate in the integration synergies.

Carlyle MC Partners, L.P.

The Carlyle Group entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding share of Manor Care, a leading owner and operator of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities in the United States.

MDCP Co-Investors (Varietal), L.P.

Type of Financing: Acquisition Financing VWR International, Inc. is a leader in the global laboratory industry with worldwide sales in excess of US $3 billion.

Carlyle Grey Partners, L.P.

Type of Financing: Acquisition Financing Synagro Technologies, Inc. is the largest recycler of organic residuals in the United States.

TPF Genco Co-Investment Fund, L.P.

Type of Financing: Acquisition Financing TPF Generation Holdings has acquired 100% ownership interest in 6 gas fired generation plants strategically located across major U.S. markets.